Power Check: Who Rules When It Comes to Casual Sex!

no strings attachedWho controls casual sex?

Relationships are a delicate balance of power, shifting back and forth between both people at different times. Sometimes it’s equally distributed between people while at other times there’s clearly one person in the couple that’s calling the shots. When it comes to casual, no-strings-attached sex, who’s the boss? If there’s one of the sexes that’s clearly in charge of a casual arrangement it’s definitely women. Women hold almost all of power when it comes to setting up and maintaining casual sex and the men are simply at their mercy. Here are some of the ways that women make the decisions about the terms of a casual sex relationship, and some cases where men get to weigh in too:

When it starts

When two friends of the opposite sex start hooking up it’s usually because the woman finally gave it the green light. If a guy has a hot female friend then it’s almost guaranteed that he would have been up for casual sex from the moment they met, but it’s not until a woman is good and ready that two can hook up. Women like to let the friendship build up and then let the sexual chemistry increase until neither person can stand the tension any longer, making string-free sex an amazing release for both of them. Women love to manipulate the situation this way, making the man wait, for maximum enjoyment when it does happen, whereas if it were left to the men they’d do it right off the bat.

How often it happens

If it were up to men they’d have casual sex with their female friend on a daily basis. Women will either allow this or they’ll come up with another arrangement that best suits their schedule and life, and the guys basically just have to go along with it. Women will keep their men at the appropriate distance to maintain the right balance in a no strings sex arrangement, where men would just do it every chance they get. Women tend to be more of the planners in a relationship and they usually play the long game, while men only think with their body parts about what will feel best in the short term.

The tone

Is it going to be a soft, slow, and sweet kind of night, or will the mood be rough and dirty? Or does she want to get kinky and explore your secret fantasies? The tone of the night is determined by the woman and what she wants. Men are up for anything, anytime, anyplace so if anyone is controlling the overall mood of the night it’s definitely the woman. Men love the variety of a different experience each night, they would just never be able to execute a plan like that themselves.

The location

Couples in a no-strings-attached arrangement usually end up falling into a familiar pattern, the same way that committed couples do. This shows up in the local sexual habits within the casual sex pairing – how often it happens, when it happens, and also where it happens. If she’s more comfortable at her place then chances are she’ll always steer the sex to happen there. If you always hookup at your place then it’s usually not an accidental happening but one that she orchestrated based on her preferences.

Who knows about it

When two friends are hooking up it can impact their whole group of friends, or on the flip side, the group of friends can influence the couple. Both people in the no-strings-attached arrangement will have their ideas about how much they want to tell their friends but it’s usually what the woman wants that ends up being the final decision. Women will put more thought into the strategy of who knows what about their arrangement, where men don’t tend to give these things a lot of thought.

Who else they can see

This is one area where the power begins to shift. Is a casual sex arrangement exclusive, or does that make it too controlling? Are the two people involved allowed to date or sleep with other people too? Women will likely analyze every angle of the situation until she comes up with the best solution, but ultimately this is one that both people in the pairing will need to agree on. Men tend to feel very strongly about being tied down and wanting to be able to see other women on the side. If they feel like their casual sex partner is beginning to attach too much he will fight even harder to maintain his independence with other women.

When it ends

Any party can decide to end a no-strings attached sex relationship at any time, and both men and women do this is equal amounts, for varying reasons. Since casual sex is supposed to be commitment free, things will start to unravel when things become too complicated. Men are especially sensitive to entering into a serious relationship so they’ll tend to bolt at the first sign that the woman is starting to attach too much. Women, on the other hand, tend to end things when they grow tired of things or when they feel like they have to manage the man too much or feel like he’s an extra burden in her life.

9 Naughty Dating Rules For Turning A Casual Relationship Into Sex

casual relationship datingTake a casual relationship to the next level

Take any of your hottest friends or casual acquaintance and get them into bed ASAP with these simple steps to sex. These ideas are easy enough for anyone to implement and they’re exactly what anyone needs to go from the friendzone to the bedroom. Check out these 9 tips straight from the pros for turning even the most chilled out casual dating relationship into sex.

  1. Look sexy

  2. This might seem like a no-brainer but slouching around in your sweatpants isn’t going to get you laid. This doesn’t mean you need to get dressed to the nines every time you hang out with your casual crush, but all you need to do is make an effort. A simple shirt, jeans that make you ass look great, and a casual but cool attitude are all you need to dress to impress. Women should feel free to show off as much cleavage as possible for maximum impact on potential casual sex partners.

  3. Show respect

  4. Whatever happens over the course of the night, always remember your manners if you want to get laid. No one is attracted to a person who belittles or talks down to other people. Whether it’s your date or the servers at the local area restaurant you had dinner at, make sure you’re on your best behaviour and treat everyone around you with respect and kindness.

  5. Chivalry isn’t dead

  6. Men, listen up: women love it when men display traditional manners and etiquette on a date, like offering to pick up the tab after dinner or holding the door open when getting into the car. Women go crazy for men who pull out all of the stops to make sure she feels like a lady on a date. These types of old-school behaviour will make a woman in even the most casual relationship want to turn it into sex.

  7. Lay on the compliments

  8. If you want to get someone into your bed you need to make them feel great about themselves when they’re around you. The easiest way to make anyone feel incredible is to shower them with compliments. Praise, especially when complimenting their physical attributes, will get them feeling positive, sexy, and ready for action. Tell them how much you love their lips, their hair, their eyes – anything that will make them feel attractive and ready for fun. The more the comments are aimed at their sexy body the more likely they are to lead to physical fun together.

  9. Use your body language

  10. Help turn any casual dating relationship into sex when you get as physical as possible. Initiate touch when you’re talking, lean in closer when talking, and find as many ways to touch them as possible. Always turn your body towards them when you’re talking so they know they have your full attention. Let your body language say everything you want to tell them about how hot and ready for sex you are.

  11. Go outdoors

  12. There’s something about fresh air and the great outdoors that gets people feeling invigorated and ready for anything. Turn that adventurous spirit into the mood for sex when you take your casual dating buddy out for drinks on an open-air patio or for a hike followed by dinner. You’ll both be refreshed and ready for action after coming inside together.

  13. Pick the right date spot

  14. Set the stage for a sexy, fun time when you take the time to plan a date that suits the casual sex goal that you have. Skip family-friendly places where you’ll encounter a lot of kids, which can majorly kill the sexy vibe that you’re looking for. Instead, seek out dim lighting or candlelight, a noise level that makes you have to lean in to hear each other, with private areas that are tucked away. In other words, find an intimate bar or sexy club to take your casual relationship partner to when you’re interested in turning it into sex.

  15. Talk about sex

  16. No one ever got laid when talking about the weather. Instead of discussing the news or politics, try turning the conversation towards sex. Keep the focus on sex and you’ll be sending a strong message about what you’re in the mood for. Whether it’s serious conversation or dirty jokes, any talk about sex will be helpful when you’re trying to take you date from casual status to sexual partner.

  17. Make a move

  18. Nothing is more frustrating than a person who does all of the things listed above only to end the evening with a hug or a handshake. Your casual dating relationship will never develop into sex until you make a move. Pull them in for a kiss, grab their hand, or come right out and tell them that you want to get them in bed, When someone makes an assertive move it’s a total turn on and it’s the step you need to take to get your casual dating relationship away from just being friends to having great sex together.

Asian Dating In The World: Find Hot Asians In Your Area

good looks datingAsian Dating In The World

Asian Dating In The World: How To Find Asians In Your Area

If you want to find hot asians in your area, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many asian dating in the world websites that can connect you with asian singles. Asian dating in the world on websites will help you connect with hot asian men and women, who are looking to meet different types to people in their local area. If you’ve always had a thing for asians, then you should really consider joining asian dating in the world online websites and see what they have to offer.

Why Good Looks Are Glorified Online

Learning that good looks dominate the online world as well as the offline world shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Good looks are unfortunately one of the most sought out after things in the world. If you are good looking, you can usually get just about anything your heart desires, which is great for you, but not so great for others. Good looks are often glorified online and people who are good looking tend to receive a lot more online dating messages than someone who isn’t as fortunate in the look department. Still, people with good looks are often only messaged because people want to sleep with them, and don’t really care about the person who is beneath the good looks. Good looks are glorified online because most people want to have sex with good looking people. Since good looks tend to turn people on, more men and women are going to send messages to good looking people for potential hookups, one night stands, and casual relationships.

Why Some Online Dating Profiles Generate More Heat Than Others

When you sign up to an online dating website, you really have no idea how well your online dating profile is going to do, but in the end it will do just as good as your picture looks. If you aren’t the most visually appealing person, you won’t generate as much heat as you would have liked to, but if you’re a good looking person, you’ll get bombarded with dozens of messages every single day. In the end, it all comes down to your online dating profile picture, which is quite honestly such a shame. A lot of people spend their time messaging the hottest people online, and not enough time paying attention to other people, when in the end, they probably have more chances with the other people. Funny enough, even the people who are less fortunate in the looks department tend to only message good looking people, which sadly doesn’t work out too well for them. Sadly, the most important thing when it comes to online dating is your online dating profile picture. If you have a hot online dating profile picture, you are going to generate more heat than others.

Online Seduction: A Platform For Hot People Only

Good looking people have managed to rule the world and they haven’t really had to try too hard. In the end, good looks are glorified by everyone — uglier people included. When someone has a perfect face and body, it is very difficult to ignore it, so when we say that online dating is a golden platform for good looking people, we really mean it. Online dating isn’t the only platform that glories good looks, however, many seduction enterprises do as well. Seduction has become the number one way to get people to purchase cars, clothes, perfume, and just about anything that comes with a price tag. In fact seduction has even found its way online and you can see it just about anywhere. Seduction is used by cam girls, porn sites, live cam videos, and many more.

Why Everyone Wants To Date Sexy People

People often ask themselves why everyone wants to date sexy people and not ugly people. While some can argue that it’s because of physical attraction, others can say that it’s because everyone thinks too highly of themselves. Many people have close connections to people who are less fortunate in the looks department, but have never thought of dating them once, because they think that they can do so much better. The truth is that they can’t do better personality wise, but they can do better looks wise. Dating a sexy person is something that everyone wants, because in a way it’s like walking around with a trophy. In the end, sexy people rule the world in every aspect, unless it has to do with being intellectually gifted or talented.

Avoid Having Unknown Married Flings

crazy girlsMarried Flings With Crazy Girls

Having An Unknown Married Fling With A Lying Woman In Leicester

Leicester used to be an amazing place to meet hot, available women. But now it seems like every women you meet is either looking to have a married fling, or is simply batshit crazy. If you want to avoid having an unknown married fling with a lying woman in Leicester, you need to start looking for online dating websites that target single people only. Many online dating platforms are open to a variety of different relationship status’, but not every single person wants to admit that they are looking to have a married fling. So in order to stop yourself from having a married fling unknowingly, you should take some precautionary steps. Next time you land yourself a date with a woman in Leicester, make sure she allows you to pick her up from her place instead of meeting you somewhere. Also, people who are having married flings tend to look over their shoulder often and choose a secluded place for a first date. By paying attention to these details, you can sidestep an unwanted married fling altogether.

How To Spot Crazy Girls

Crazy girls are truly talented when it comes to tricking men into falling in love with them. They are merciless, commanding, possessive, and just plain awful. The sad part is that is usually takes some men a long time to realise that they are dating a crazy girl, and by the time they do they are already emotionally invested. To stop yourself from falling under a crazy girls spell, you need to learn how to spot out a crazy girl from a mile away. The first clue in spotting a crazy girl on an adult dating website is to look at her pictures or ask to add her on social media. If she has way too many selfies and not enough pictures with friends, she’s probably freaking nuts. Looking at a woman’s social media account can really help you spot out a psycho, so make sure to do your research. If the woman you met on an adult dating website appears to have no girlfriends and is way too active on social media (posting more than 3 times a day), she is definitely cuckoo.

Breaking Up With A Crazy Woman: How To Stop Her From Making A Scene

When you find out that the woman you’ve been casually seeing is a nutbag, you’re probably going to have a hard time breaking up with her, but don’t worry she will eventually stop harassing you. Since crazy girls love to play the victim, she will probably want to make a huge scene when you break up with her. So make sure you’re not in a crowded place, but you should also make sure you aren’t alone with her in case a whole different side of crazy comes out and she tries to fight you. Breaking up with a crazy woman is probably going to be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do, but it will also be worth it. Just know that trying to ignore her until she gets the point won’t work, and she’ll be at your door within moments. Oh, and she will probably make a huge scene about it on Facebook, but just block and delete her to stop from getting tagged in anything.

How To Know When A Woman Is Lying

Crazy women are very good at lying, but not that great at remembering their lies. If you’ve been with the same girl for quite some time, you might find it hard to believe she’s been lying to see since day one, but it very well might be a possibility. If you want to know when a woman is lying, you need to pay very close attention to what she says. One day she will contradict herself or leave a trail of crumbs behind her, and you’ll be able to confirm your suspicions.

How To Deal With A Psycho

Dealing with a psycho is going to be very difficult, just know that it’ll all be over soon and things will be able to go back as they once were. How to deal with a psycho you met online isn’t something they teach you in school, but it should be. If you want to get the psycho girl you were casually seeing out of your life, you’re going to need some patience. You’re probably going to have to breakup with her a couple times, go through with her showing up to your place, and then explain to her why you don’t want to see her no more. She will be waiting for you to get drunk and show a moment of weakness, so make sure to keep your wits about you until you know she’s met someone else.

Spotting Online Dating Scams: Surefire Ways To Spot Fake World Booty Call Sites

online dating scamsSpotting Online Dating Scams

For many people tired of offline dating, the path to the internet dating experience is a clearly paved one. Of course, it’s hard to resist the temptations of the virtual dating world after we men are rejected over and over again by women we try to approach in person. However, although we should definitely not hesitate to give online dating a shot, it is absolutely crucial to keep in mind the importance of choosing a good, working adult hookup platform. The sad fact is that there are several more fake online dating websites than there are real ones, and the former will completely waste your time and rob you of your hard-earned money. However, the latter will show you a true miracle of the modern world, and you will be knee-deep in first date arrangements within a week or two of making a membership. We definitely don’t say something like that too liberally, and we’re only saying it because we were knee-deep in that exact thing only recently, as we were wrapping up our extensive adult dating review process. Here are a few thing to look out for when shopping for an online hookup forum.

Fake booty call sites can be deceiving

Believe us when we say that fake booty call sites can be deceiving, because we know this better than pretty much everyone out there. Sure, there are so many online dating aficionados out there who claimed to have seen it all, but they probably have not seen as much as we have. We spent a great deal of time recently reviewing hundreds of online dating websites across the internet, and we spent a great deal of time and energy on each one to get truly unbiased results. From our experience doing so, we have learned that some ultimately completely fake dating websites can appear like completely legitimate, functioning ones, which makes things extremely difficult for enw users trying to get themselves into the game. A good online dating website usually has a clean, polished user interface, and all of its functions are relatively responsive. Well, the issue here is that some fake online dating sites emulate these qualities, thus making it quite easy to fool unsuspecting wanderers. Be on the lookout for any dating website that looks a little too clean and good to be true.

Fake websites have plenty of bots

A real determining factor when it comes to identifying the fake websites out there is to see how many bots you can encounter within a given period of time. If you were browsing through the site for 10 minutes, and you already encountered 5 bots, then you know that you’ve wandered off to the wrong side of the internet dating town. Chat bots are incredibly annoying, and each of them are out there to get your credit card money. What’s even more worrisome is the fact that artificial intelligence is increasing as a field every year, so chat bots are getting harder and harder for humans to identify. For now, it’s still pretty obvious, so be on the lookout for these pesky spammers.

Online scams can be devastating

Many people who use online dating services don’t think about this, but online dating scams can be truly devastating. Hopefully a victim will escape with 20 or 30 dollars taken from their pocket, but some of these victims have been scammed thousands of dollars worth of credit card money through using fake online dating websites. These are truly devastating cases, and our empathy goes out to all of these poor victims. Of course, most only dating scammer earnings fall into the twenty to thirty dollar range per victim, but the risk of huge loss is definitely there, so stay vigilant.

Genuine women are on the real adult dating websites

For many people who have been unfortunate enough to fall victim to a membership on a mediocre adult dating website, encountering an actual, breathing human being online is something only a little bit short of a miracle. To these unfortunate folks, there are so many pesky chat bots to navigate through, that all the good, real human women are hidden in little pockets of the website. That is not how the adult dating experience should look like. The fact is that there are several online hookup platforms out there that have nothing but real, genuine, sexy women. That is the reality that we have grown accustomed to, and it’s the one that you should pull yourself towards when choosing your adult hookup website.

How To End An Affair – So Your Partner Doesn’t Find Out

end an affairHow To End An Affair

Maybe you’ve been living with the same dysfunctional relationship, and you sought outside inspiration in order to re-ignite the missing sexual spark from your life. Or, maybe you just happened to run into someone hotter than your partner, and they seemed to like the idea of having sex with you. Or maybe your partner was unfaithful towards you, and you sought an affair in order to get even with them. Whatever the case, you have had an affair with a person outside of your relationship, and this is now bringing you a considerable amount of guilt. Well, we won’t take too much time in absolving your guilt, since you knew exactly what you were getting yourself into when you jumped in bed with that other person, and this guilt you’re not feeling is just part of the deal. However, if you’re looking to break the affair before your partner finds out, there are a few basic pointers that we can offer you.

Your strategy on casual dating sites was too effective

So, while you were in a serious relationship, you decided to try your hand at using some casual dating sites. Well, it turns out that your playful strategy on casual dating sites was far too effective for your own good, because it worked, and you now find yourself in the unfortunate position you’re in now. You really should have toned down your excessive charm during those online chats, because, as it turns out, you really know how to make the ladies flock to you. There’s no need to panic, we have all the information you need here, and we’ll make sure that you know how to end your affair without your partner finding out.

You are deciding to end your affair

First, you must examine the reasons why you are deciding to end your affair. Has the sex with your other friend gone stale? Has it lost its spice? Or are you too overwhelmed by the sense of guilt to continue the relationship any longer. Whatever your reason may be, you need to discover it first before you proceed with any sort of action in this matter. Dig deep into your soul, and figure out why you want to end this affair. Only after that can we proceed in the most optimal way.

Be discreet until the very end

You were so good at beginning discreet throughout the entirety of your affair, now it’s time to be discreet for the last stretch, as you work on finally ending your affair. This part is absolutely crucial; even though your intentions are relatively good in opting to end your affair, those good intentions won’t count for anything at all if you get caught sneaking around as you try to wrap the external relationship up. It was very important for you to move carefully and cover your steps as you were conducting your affair, now it is even more important for you to proceed with complete stealth as you make the move of ending it.

Everyone makes dating mistakes

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone makes dating mistakes eventually. In your case, you just happened to make the common dating mistake of having an affair. By which we mean, you made the mistake of sleeping with an outside partner before you made the move to break off your serious relationship. You have the right to make mistakes like these — you’re human, after all. Maybe you feel the sting in your heart that represents a cheater’s guilt; maybe that pain is further amplified by your own personal memories of being cheated on by a partner in the past. Either way, we hope that you learn from this key dating mistake, and that you don’t make the same one in the future.

Is your relationship worth saving?

This is a question that we can’t really help you with. You need to take some time alone in the dark and really mull this one over. Is your relationship worth saving? Only you know the answer to that. How much do you love your partner, and how much do they love you? How much guilt are you carrying for having cheated on them? Can you really live with keeping them in the dark concerning your brief affair for the rest of your life? These questions, and a whole slew of other questions, first must be thoroughly answered before you choose to take any further steps. Look your partner right in the eye, or if you can’t do that, at least look at a clear picture of them. Think long and hard about your relationship worth them, and decide whether or not it is worth salvaging at this point.