9 Naughty Dating Rules For Turning A Casual Relationship Into Sex

9 Naughty Dating Rules For Turning A Casual Relationship Into Sex

9 Naughty Dating Rules For Turning A Casual Relationship Into Sex Take any of your hottest friends or casual acquaintance and get them into bed ASAP with these simple steps to sex. These ideas are easy enough for anyone to implement and they're exactly what anyone needs to go from the friendzone to the bedroom. Check out these 9 tips straight from the pros for turning even the most chilled out casual dating relationship into sex.

    1. Look sexy

    2. This might seem like a no-brainer but slouching around in your sweatpants isn't going to get you laid. This doesn't mean you need to get dressed to the nines every time you hang out with your casual crush, but all you need to do is make an effort. A simple shirt, jeans that make you ass look great, and a casual but cool attitude are all you need to dress to impress. Women should feel free to show off as much cleavage as possible for maximum impact on potential casual sex partners.
    3. Show respect

    4. Whatever happens over the course of the night, always remember your manners if you want to get laid. No one is attracted to a person who belittles or talks down to other people. Whether it's your date or the servers at the local area restaurant you had dinner at, make sure you're on your best behaviour and treat everyone around you with respect and kindness.
    5. Chivalry isn't dead

    6. Men, listen up: women love it when men display traditional manners and etiquette on a date, like offering to pick up the tab after dinner or holding the door open when getting into the car. Women go crazy for men who pull out all of the stops to make sure she feels like a lady on a date. These types of old-school behaviour will make a woman in even the most casual relationship want to turn it into sex.
    7. Lay on the compliments

    8. If you want to

get someone into your bed

      you need to make them feel great about themselves when they're around you. The easiest way to make anyone feel incredible is to shower them with compliments. Praise, especially when complimenting their physical attributes, will get them feeling positive, sexy, and ready for action. Tell them how much you love their lips, their hair, their eyes - anything that will make them feel attractive and ready for fun. The more the comments are aimed at their sexy body the more likely they are to lead to physical fun together.
    1. Use your body language

    2. Help turn any casual dating relationship into sex when you get as physical as possible. Initiate touch when you're talking, lean in closer when talking, and find as many ways to touch them as possible. Always turn your body towards them when you're talking so they know they have your full attention. Let your body language say everything you want to tell them about

how hot and ready for sex you are

  1. Go outdoors

  2. There's something about fresh air and the great outdoors that gets people feeling invigorated and ready for anything. Turn that adventurous spirit into the mood for sex when you take your casual dating buddy out for drinks on an open-air patio or for a hike followed by dinner. You'll both be refreshed and ready for action after coming inside together.
  3. Pick the right date spot

  4. Set the stage for a sexy, fun time when you take the time to plan a date that suits the casual sex goal that you have. Skip family-friendly places where you'll encounter a lot of kids, which can majorly kill the sexy vibe that you're looking for. Instead, seek out dim lighting or candlelight, a noise level that makes you have to lean in to hear each other, with private areas that are tucked away. In other words, find an intimate bar or sexy club to take your casual relationship partner to when you're interested in turning it into sex.
  5. Talk about sex

  6. No one ever got laid when talking about the weather. Instead of discussing the news or politics, try turning the conversation towards sex. Keep the focus on sex and you'll be sending a strong message about what you're in the mood for. Whether it's serious conversation or dirty jokes, any talk about sex will be helpful when you're trying to take you date from casual status to sexual partner.
  7. Make a move

  8. Nothing is more frustrating than a person who does all of the things listed above only to end the evening with a hug or a handshake. Your casual dating relationship will never develop into sex until you make a move. Pull them in for a kiss, grab their hand, or come right out and tell them that you want to get them in bed, When someone makes an assertive move it's a total turn on and it's the step you need to take to get your casual dating relationship away from just being friends to having great sex together.